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South Sudan sends samples of suspected Ebola cases to South Africa for testing

11 hours ago
South Sudan’s health authorities, with support from the World Health Organization (WHO), said they have sent three samples out of five unconfirmed cases of...

Kenyan court dismisses petition challenging mandatory vaccination requirement for public officers

11 hours ago
A Kenyan court has recently dismissed a petition challenging the mandatory vaccination requirement for public officers. The Kenyan government issued the directive in August 2021...

Cape Town’s jet fuel shortage set to ease after oil tanker docks

11 hours ago
The jet fuel shortage in South Africa’s Cape Town International Airport is now set to ease after a ship ferrying the much-sought after commodity...


U.S. attempts to use Taiwan to contain China doomed to fail

2 months ago
Opinion Piece: The Author is Dr Zhou Pingjian, the Ambassador of China to Kenya.  In disregard of China's solemn representations, United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on global supply chains

6 months ago
The huge risk facing global supply chains has shifted from the pandemic to the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and the geopolitical and economic uncertainties it...

Pick a side and join the anti-Russia camp? Scholar: Africa is not a pawn

7 months ago
Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, western media have been demanding in their reports that "Africa should be silent no more." This condescending attitude has...