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Faces of Africa – Confluence Pt. 2

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Liu Chen and her husband Abdoulaye “Billy” Diop have been working on a song entitled, Magic Flower. The Magic flower song is well known in China, Liu and Billy are working on a version that will incorporate the tradition Chinese melody with a tinge of West African rhythm.

Liu Chen and her husband Abdoulaye “Billy” Diop performing their song, Magic Flower.

For Liu, it was not all easy when she met and fell in love with Billy, both Families at first were apprehensive of their union but gradually as time went by they adapted and accepted the choices they made. The pair has performed together in various places in Senegal including Clubs, Private functions, Radio stations and many more. But what does the future hold for Chen and Billy? The couple is planning to move to China to teach Senegalese music and also they hope to release an album in China.

Wei Yina and Jeffrey Lucas inspecting a project

Wei Yina and her project Manager Jeffrey Darrell Lucas, are working on a massive Government construction project, the Seychelles Government wants to build affordable houses for its citizens, so that its citizens can live in decent housing.  Wei and Jeffrey supervise the projects together from the planning; drawing, execution they work hand in hand combining their collective experiences to deliver the very best for the People of Seychelles. Wei credits Jeffrey’s Experience working in Seychelles to the smooth running of the project. But as we all know well laid out plans sometimes go sideways and for Wei and Jeffrey they are falling behind on the deadline to finish their project. But the dynamic duo has vowed to complete the project by the end of 2019.

Liu Jiarui playing with his best friend Almady Diallo

Liu Jiarui loves Kenya with his whole heart, in as much as China is his home; having lived in Kenya has the six-year-old boy waxing lyrical about how beautiful the country and its people are. Liu wants to live in Kenya, but his greatest wish is that his best friend Almady Diallo would get to visit his homeland China.

These three beautiful stories represent the future of China-Africa relations, the future looks bright, The bond these three stories has revealed to us is being replicated on a bigger scale across Africa. As people from China and various African countries interact, forge greater understanding and cooperation, the future is indeed something to behold. Strong friendships, Businesses are growing daily in the continent of Africa.



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