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FILE PHOTO: Egyptian fans before a match at the Cairo International Stadium in Cairo, Egypt. /CFP

Egypt selected to host pilot edition of FIFA Series

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Egypt has been selected as a host of the pilot edition of the FIFA Series, featuring an additional four teams.

Egypt, Croatia, New Zealand and Tunisia will compete in international friendlies during the international football window between March 22-26.

Egypt will play New Zealand in the first game on March 22 while Tunisia will play Croatia in the second game on March 23.

The winners of their respective games will then play each other on March 26, while the losers will play each other on March 25.

The FIFA Series is a tournament of friendly matches contested by national teams from all six confederations, who do not normally have an opportunity to play each other.

FIFA plans to have future editions of the friendlies take place in the March international match window of even years.

According to FIFA, the ultimate objective of the FIFA Series is to allow more international football interaction outside the traditional local footprint, making a “concrete” contribution to global football development.

The competition will feature nine teams from Africa (CAF), five from Asia (AFC), four from Europe (UEFA), three from Oceania (OFC), two from North and Central America (CONCACAF), and one from South America (CONMEBOL).

This edition of the FIFA Series will also be hosted by four other countries: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. However, Saudi Arabia will host two separate FIFA Series but will not take part in the edition.

Meanwhile, Algeria will host and compete with Andorra (UEFA), Bolivia (CONMEBOL) and South Africa (CAF).

The other African countries taking part in the FIFA Series are: Tanzania, Cabo Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea and Central African Republic.

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