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Zimbabwean weather experts warn of heat wave

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Zimbabwean weather experts have warned of a heat wave to hit the country with temperatures reaching 36-41 degrees Celsius from Wednesday until March 12.

Zimbabwe and much of southern Africa are grappling with the effects of the El Nino weather phenomenon, which has resulted in a prolonged drought that has affected most rain-fed crops and left the region on the verge of severe hunger.

In a statement reported by The Herald newspaper Wednesday, the Meteorological Services Department advised people to avoid prolonged stays in the sun and keep hydrated, as heat stress could result in health complications, including sudden death.

Some isolated thundershowers are also expected during the same period, it said.

“These extremely hot conditions are caused by a combination of factors, such as the persistent northerly air mass or wind flow that originates from the low-pressure system at the surface of the atmosphere and a high-pressure system at upper levels with a strong subsiding motion that prevents the heat energy from escaping into the outer atmosphere,” the department said.

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