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A view of the destruction after flooding in Derna, Libya, on September 16, 2023. /CFP

UN urges unified Libyan response to deadly floods

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The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has called for a unified response by Libya following the September floods that killed thousands of people.

In a statement published Monday, the mission lamented the emergence of unilateral and competing initiatives from various Libyan actors and institutions on the reconstruction of Derna and other flood-affected areas.

“These unilateral efforts are counterproductive, deepen the existing divisions in the country, impede reconstruction efforts, and are at odds with the outpouring of solidarity, support and national unity shown by Libyan people from all corners of the country in response to the crisis,” UNSMIL warned.

While calling for speedy reconstruction, the mission stressed the need for objective assessment of the damage and needs, professionally determined cost estimates, and transparent contracting and procurement processes.

It further noted that the impact of Storm Daniel underscores the imperative to expedite negotiations on breaking the political stalemate.

More than 40,000 people were displaced by the tragedy which destroyed buildings and swept roads and bridges.

The UN warned last month that the aftermath of the floods risks creating a health crisis in the North African country.

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