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Saudi Arabia is latest nation to build military base in Djibouti

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Saudi Arabia is set to be the latest nation to build a military base in Djibouti, the Gulf newspaper reports.

According to the newspaper, the country’s foreign minister Ali Youssouf said in an interview that both nations had agreed on the deal and would soon be making it official.

Other countries that have already put up bases in the small Horn of African nation are the United States and France. Several other navies also use the country’s port.

China is also planning to build a military base there.

Djibouti’s President Omar Guelleh recently said he did not see any problem with his country hosting different world powers – even rival militaries – because they all had common interests in combatting terrorism and maritime piracy.

Djibouti’s neighbours include Somalia to the south-east and Yemen in the north-east – both of which have been destabilised by conflict.

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