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Workers repair part of a collapsed prison fence that allowed over 100 inmates to escape from the prison in Suleja, Nigeria, April 25, 2025. (Photo: Reuters)

Nigerian government orders manhunt for 109 inmates after jailbreak

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Nigerian authorities are scrambling to recapture 109 out of the 119 inmates who bolted from a custodial center in the north-central state during a heavy rainstorm on Wednesday. 10 of them were recaptured and taken back to prison.

The government has unleashed a massive manhunt, urging the public to be on high alert and report any suspicious activity.

The dramatic escape happened at Suleja Custodial Center. Torrential rains reportedly damaged the prison walls, providing an unexpected exit for the inmates. Details surrounding the extent of the damage are hazy, and investigations are ongoing.

Interior Minister Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo stated that the biometric details of escaping detainees would soon be made public, urging them to return to the correctional facility on their own accord.

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