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SCREEN GRAB: Nigerian and Chinese military officers during a discussion for military cooperation. FILE.

Nigeria in talks with China for military cooperation

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Cui Jianchun, the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria visited Defence Minister Muhammad Badaru for talks on deploying China’s technological expertise in addressing the West African country’s security challenges.

“We had very good discussions centered on military cooperation, focusing on the transfer of technology, training, and the protection of Chinese interests in Nigeria,” Badaru told CGTN Africa.

The Chinese Ambassador emphasized his government’s commitment to Nigeria’s security challenges.

“Nigeria is a giant, and China is willing to build military industries in Nigeria, supporting local production of military equipment,” Jianchun said.

In the face of a decade-long struggle with insurgency, banditry, and kidnapping, the collaboration aims to usher in a new era of security.

Badaru noted that the partnership is not limited to security, and signifies expansion of Nigeria-China relations across various sectors as the African country seeks more Chinese investments.

Badaru assured investors of an enabling environment, noting there is potential in the power, defence, and steel industries.

Beyond the fight against insurgency, this alliance holds the promise of boosting employment in Nigeria, aligning with the government’s broader developmental goals.

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