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Niger ends security, defence partnerships with EU

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Military leaders in Niger announced the end of the two European Union (EU) security and defence missions within the country. 

According to the Nigerien foreign ministry, the Niamey-based civilian capacity-building mission, EUCAP Sahel Niger, which began in 2012 to support internal security forces, authorities, and non-governmental organizations, has been discontinued. 

In addition, the ministry announced the withdrawal of consent for the EU military partnership mission  (EUMPM) which aimed to strengthen the Niger Armed Forces’ anti-terrorism capabilities.

Meanwhile a Russian delegation led by the deputy defence minister met with Niger’s authorities in Niamey on Monday, with the two countries agreeing to strengthen military cooperation.

The parties “signed documents to strengthen military cooperation between the Republic of Niger and the Russian Federation,” according to Nigerien authorities.

(With input from agencies)

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