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Libya, Russia discuss bilateral cooperation

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Libya announced its keenness to strengthen cooperation with Russia, during a meeting in the eastern city of Benghazi on Thursday.

The Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Committee of the Libyan House of Representatives, Youssef Al-Aqouri declared this while meeting with Russian Ambassador to Libya Aydar Rashidovich Aganin to discuss the cooperation between the two states in areas of education, civil safety and disaster response.

With input from XinhuaNet, Al-Aqouri highlighted on the historical relations Libya has had with Russia; expressing gratitude for the aiding in evacuating mercenaries from Libya, helping in the campaign against terrorism, and providing assistance in the recent tragic floods in eastern Libya.

During their discussion of the approaching elections in Libya, Ambassador Aganin pledged that Russia will support Libya in holding the polls. Aganin revealed that a Russian consulate will soon open in Benghazi, while highlighting the importance of serving the interests of the people in both nations.

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