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Lack of skilled labour stunting Tanzania’s economy growth

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80 percent of the labour force in the Tanzania is unskilled, a stumbling block for the country’s economy to move into middle income economy by 2025 according to the Tanzanian government. Close to half of all advertised jobs in the country (30 -40 percent) lack skilled personnel, reports local media.

There are at least 20 million working people in the East African country with more than three quarters of that number unskilled, meaning that 16 million of Tanzanians are unskilled.

“The government is aware about this problem. We need to upgrade the current composition of unskilled labour. We have to move from 80 percent to 54 percent of unskilled working populations” said The deputy director for employment Mr. Joseph Nganga while delivering a speech on behalf of the Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s office.

The deputy director further said that the government has drafted a national Internship programme that currently accommodates 300,000 graduates in order to create more jobs through public – private partnership.

“A Study conducted by the Association of Tanzania employers (ATE) in 2012 shows that between 30 and 40 percent of advertised jobs lacked skilled personnel. At least 32 percent of the working people are poor because they lack skills” Mr. Nganga said

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