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BoomPlay's BoomFest in Nairobi, Kenya on April 6, 2024. (Photo: CGTN Africa)

The inaugural BoomFest 2024 by Boomplay takes place in Nairobi

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Africa’s leading music streaming platform, BoomPlay, marked its first-ever live music festival BoomFest with a bang in Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday.

The electrifying event was held at the A.S.K Dome and brought together 13 of Kenya’s popular artists and attracted a crowd of music enthusiasts.

BoomFest 2024 wasn’t just a concert; it was a celebration of Kenyan music. The lineup boasted a diverse range of genres, including artists such as Khaligraph Jones, Arrow Bwoy, Nameless, and Wahu Kagwi.

Fans were treated to performances by Willy Paul, Ssaru, Boutross, Femi One, Fathermoh, Wakadinali, Buruklyn Boyz, Vijana Barubaru , with emcees Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive keeping the energy high throughout the event. DJ Lyta AND DJ JR spun the hottest Kenyan tracks in between sets, keeping the concert active.

“The reason why we chose Kenya as our first stop is because of its dynamic culture. Many emerging artists available here, and the huge audience.” Erin Yang, BoomFest project manager said.

The festival was aimed not only at entertaining but also at elevating the Kenyan music scene. BoomPlay envisioned BoomFest as a platform to showcase Kenyan talent and production value, putting it on par with international music festivals.

With a focus on high-quality performances and a vibrant atmosphere, BoomFest appeared to achieve just that.

Fans raved about the opportunity to see their favorite musicians live and artists expressed their gratitude to BoomPlay for providing a platform to connect with fans and celebrate Kenyan music.

We’ve been seeing a lot of numbers on BoomPlay of the streams that are Kenyan music. We are also seeing more content coming in.” Martha Huro, BoomPlay’s Managing Director East Africa said.

Huro urged Africans to stream through legal sites such as BoomPlay, to curb piracy. She said that Kenyan music industry is losing 1.9 million U.S. dollars per day through piracy.

BoomFest 2024 marked a significant moment for Kenyan music. By uniting fans, artists, and the industry under one roof, BoomPlay successfully ignited the Nairobi music scene. With its focus on celebrating Kenyan talent and production, BoomFest promises to become a major annual event, shaping the future of Kenyan music festivals.

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