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Guinea’s government lifts internet curbs

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Guinea’s military authorities have lifted internet restrictions, which were imposed three months ago, following protests. This decision came after trade unions announced an indefinite general strike to demand the release of a prominent media activist, lower food prices, and the restoration of internet access.

The military, which took power in 2021, initially said the internet restrictions was justified due to security concerns.

Tension in the West African nation further escalated on Monday after the military rulers dissolved the transitional government which had been in place since July 2022, without providing a clear reason.

Under international pressure, the government pledged to return power to elected civilians by the end of 2024. However, the opposition has accused them of authoritarian tendencies.

Protests have been banned since 2022, when the military ousted President Alpha Conde.

The sudden lifting of internet restrictions has surprised many, with some attributing the move to the ousted transitional government.

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