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Engineers view the damage caused by heavy floods at Mbogolo bridge along the Mombasa- Malindi road in Kenya on November 25, 2023. FILE.

Floods wash away more than 1000 homes in DR Congo, cause four deaths in Kenya

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Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo say more than 1000 homes in the northeast part of the country have been destroyed by recent flooding.

Most of the destruction is along the Lomani River. The Lomani began spilling over its banks eleven days ago, sending flood waters into the Banalia territory. Sources say several people are also dead as a result of the flooding.

In Kenya, four people died over the weekend in floods in Makueni County.

Those deaths happened days after seven people were swept away in the same county while attempting to cross a flooded road section.

The rain and flooding are due to an El Nino weather event impacting Africa.  The DR Congo, Kenya, and several other countries in east Africa are experiencing heavy, constant rain on a daily basis. Forecasters say the rain and potential for flooding will last well into 2024.


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