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Ethiopian parliament ratifies state of emergency in troubled Amhara region

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The Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives (HoPR) on Monday ratified a six-month state of emergency rule in the northern Amhara region amid the prolonged conflicts between the military and local militiamen.

Lawmakers examined and ratified the rule, following the Ethiopian Council of Ministers’ announcement of a state of emergency on August 4, pending endorsement by the HoPR.

While explaining the necessity of the rule to members of the parliament, Chief Government Whip Tesfaye Beljige said that the armed illegal activities in Amhara have become impossible to control through the regular law enforcement system.

The armed confrontation has greatly threatened the constitutional order of the East African country and disrupted the overall economic and social activities of the residents in the region, he said.

The Council of Ministers said it is necessary to take emergency measures to maintain public peace and security and enforce law and order.

It also disclosed that the move followed the formal request by the Amhara regional government, calling on the federal government to “take appropriate measures” in response to the expanding clashes.

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