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Togo reopens its borders after two years

27 mins ago
The West African state of Togo said it would reopen its land borders on Tuesday after closing them more than two years ago to...

Jasmin Open: Tunisia picked to host prestigious WTA tennis event in October

35 mins ago
Tunisia is renowned for its wide array of historical attractions and beach resort holidays but it is now fast becoming a focal point in...

Uganda to withdraw troops from east DR Congo

38 mins ago
Ugandan troops will withdraw from eastern DR Congo in two weeks after a joint operation against Islamist insurgents since late last year, land forces...


Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on global supply chains

1 month ago
The huge risk facing global supply chains has shifted from the pandemic to the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and the geopolitical and economic uncertainties it...

Pick a side and join the anti-Russia camp? Scholar: Africa is not a pawn

2 months ago
Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, western media have been demanding in their reports that "Africa should be silent no more." This condescending attitude has...

To improve health in Africa, focus on spending better

7 months ago
In the past year-and-a-half conversations on the urgent need to address chronic underinvestment in Africa’s health sector have abounded, as pundits and policymakers have...