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African migrants’ death at the crossing

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They die all the time, at the crossing. A stampede. A capsizing. Or, sometimes, in the hands of overzealous law enforcement officers. But they keep coming, like a floodgate.

A recent incident of African migrants trying to cross from Morocco into Spain left at least 23 dead and 76 seriously injured. The tragedy occurred when about 2,000 migrants tried to cross the high wire fence separating Melilla from the northern Moroccan border town of Nador.  The incident sparked outrage and a flurry of condemnation by rights groups. Both the UN and the AU expressed their shock and called for an immediate independent investigation.

Yet, after years and thousands of lives lost in similar attempts at the crossing, there are still no signs of an end to the desperation. This week on Talk Africa, we examine the deepening Mediterranean Sea migrant crisis, who should be held accountable for the needless deaths, and what can be done to stem the tide.

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