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Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe will continue to remain on observation after a four-month medical observation in a Singapore hospital, the presidency announced on Tuesday.
Current President Emmerson Mnangagwa made the announcement but did not reveal what was ailing the 95-year-old.
“Unlike in the past when the former President would require just a month for this, his physicians this time around determined that he be kept under observation for much longer,” a statement from President Mnangagwa said.
The president added that Mugabe was stable and responding well to treatment.
Mugabe has often sought medical treatment abroad, even during his stint at the presidency.
He was ousted in November 2017 after ruling the southern African nation for 37 years. Mnangagwa took over from him on a temporary basis until he was elected for his first term in the July 2018 elections.
Mnangagwa in his statement revealed that top government officials had visited Mugabe in Singapore.
Last month, Robert Mugabe Jr posted a picture of his father on a wheelchair looking frail, prompting concerns from citizens regarding his health status.
This is the first time the presidency has revealed how long Mugabe will be staying abroad for his medical treatment.

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