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Impact of the Mara Migration on the locals

The annual Mara Migration is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Over two million animals migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park into Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve in search of pastures.

During the migration season, thousands of tourists flock the Mara to witness this spectacular movement of the animals.

So, how does this migration benefit the local Maasai community?


Financial benefit

The local residents benefit directly financially as they offer various services to the visiting tourists.
It is common to see Maasai women dressed in traditional regalia selling beads, artifacts and carvings to the tourists at each entrance of the park.

Some of these women have even come together to form associations to help them maximize their earnings from tourism.



The Mara Migration has also provided various employment opportunities to the locals. There are many job openings that have come up as a result of the migration, for instance tour guides, drivers, security guards, waiters and waitresses among many others.

Also with the various activities that take place in the Mara, there are other opportunities that have arisen, for instance mechanics that repair and service the safari vehicles and taxi operators that help tourists move around.


Research opportunities

The Mara Migration has also offered the local residents some opportunities in the fields of wildlife research. There are quite a number of teams of researchers in the Mara, some trying to find more information on the behavior of the wildebeests and other animals. Most of the locals in this field are employed as research assistants, and in this way, they make a living.



The season of the great Mara Migration is the best time for hoteliers in the region. During this time, they make the most money.

There are many accommodation facilities in and around the Mara that cater for visiting tourists.


In these and many other ways not mentioned here, the Mara Migration has immensely benefited the local Maasai community, and uplifted their livelihoods in various ways.

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