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In other news: Veterinarians in Zimbabwe put down a rhino that featured on a popular wildlife television series after it was critically wounded in a poaching attempt, a wildlife conservation group said on Monday.
The eight-year-old rhinoceros named Ntombi — “girl” in the Ndebele language — featured in the “Karina: Wild On Safari” series about four years ago.

The animal sustained wounds on its legs when poachers shot at it last week in Matopos national park in southern Zimbabwe.

“The severely-wounded Ntombi was euthanised as the vet ruled there was no possibility of saving her. She had lived a week of indescribable agony,” the Bhejane Trust said in a statement.

Rangers from the parks department found the wounded rhino after several days of searching through the national park.

“Ntombi had a 13-month calf and we are following up on what has happened to this youngster,” the trust said.

Parks and wildlife authorities were not immediately available to comment.

Zimbabwe has been battling wildlife poaching with poachers targeting mainly rhinos and elephants.

Parks authorities say they lack the funds and equipment to carry out extensive patrols and rely on well-wishers and volunteers.

Last month an Italian father and son who lived in Zimbabwe were shot dead by wildlife rangers in an apparent case of mistaken identity while they were helping out on an anti-poaching patrol.

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