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An aerial view of submerged area in Beledweyne, Somalia on May 17, 2023. (Photo: Abukar Mohamed Muhudin)

50 dead so far in Somalia flooding

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According to the Somalia Disaster Management Agency, at least 50 people are dead and 700,000 are now homeless as a result of the severe rain and flooding in Somalia.  Authorities say they expect more rain on Tuesday.

On May 12, 2023 local time, people rode donkey carts through floods in Beledweyne, Somalia, after the Shabelle River burst its banks. (Photo: Hasan Ali Elmi)

The UN humanitarian organization (OCHA) reported on Saturday, November 18, that a nearly doubled number of people in Somalia have been displaced due to flooding and heavy rains, affecting 1.7 million people in a single week.

OCHA further reported extensive damage to roads, bridges, and airstrips in various regions, affecting the movement of people and supplies, and increasing the cost of necessities.

The Horn of Africa region is currently experiencing its worst drought in forty years, following multiple unsuccessful rainy seasons that destroyed crops and livestock, leaving millions in need.

The AFP reported that humanitarian organizations are warning of a worsening El Niño situation, urging for immediate international intervention due to its predicted persistence until April 2024.


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