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32 killed in deadly cross-border tribal clashes in Abyei near South Sudan

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At least 32 people were killed on November 19 in deadly communal fighting along South Sudan’s border with the disputed Abyei Administrative Area, an official said.

Arou Manyiel Arou, secretary general in the office of the administrator for the Abyei Administrative Area, said that the violence erupted early morning following a revenge attack on Ngok Dinka in Wuncuei and Nyiel areas of Abyei Administrative Area by armed youth from Twic County of neighbouring Warrap state, South Sudan.

Arou said the attackers, who came from the Ajak-Kuach area, were reportedly aided by suspected soldiers of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF).

“Some of the attackers were seen by residents clad in the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces uniforms,” he told Xinhua over the phone. “Many people, including children and women, have been killed, and 27 are wounded.”

The latest revenge attack comes after last week’s clashes in the Ayuok area between the two sides, which left 34 people killed, including one SSPDF soldier. The two communities have been contesting for years the ownership of a strip of land in the Aneet border area, which separates the two communities.

Abyei Administrative Area remains a contested area between South Sudan and its neighbour Sudan, which has been mired in conflict since April 15.

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