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China donates new batch of COVID-19 vaccines to Zimbabwe

2 days ago
Zimbabwe on Friday received 3 million new doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine from China.  Friday's delivery was the sixth in a series of vaccine donations China...

Ugandan government to train ‘boda boda’ cyclists on road safety

2 days ago
50,000 motorcyclists in Uganda will embark on a six-week training on road safety in a bid to curb road accidents in the Kampala Metropolitan area, local...

Nearly 40 million children are dangerously susceptible to growing measles threat

2 days ago
The steady decline in measles vaccination coverage has made millions of children around the world more susceptible to the disease. In a  joint report released...


U.S. attempts to use Taiwan to contain China doomed to fail

4 months ago
Opinion Piece: The Author is Dr Zhou Pingjian, the Ambassador of China to Kenya.  In disregard of China's solemn representations, United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...

Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on global supply chains

8 months ago
The huge risk facing global supply chains has shifted from the pandemic to the Russia-Ukraine military conflict and the geopolitical and economic uncertainties it...

Pick a side and join the anti-Russia camp? Scholar: Africa is not a pawn

8 months ago
Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, western media have been demanding in their reports that "Africa should be silent no more." This condescending attitude has...