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Former tennis champion Becker says diplomatic passport is real

5 hours ago
Former tennis champion Boris Becker said on Sunday he has a genuine diplomatic passport from the Central African Republic after the country’s foreign minister...

32 Fula civilians killed in Mali attack: Group

5 hours ago
Traditional hunters known as "Dozo" killed 32 civilians after surrounding an isolated village in the centre of Mali, local officials told AFP on Sunday. "They...

Zimbabwe police says 49 people injured in Saturday’s blast at president’s rally

5 hours ago
Zimbabwe police said on Sunday 49 people were injured in the explosion at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s a political rally on Saturday, with the number...


Deji Badmus


There is something about corruption in Nigeria that is, for me, a huge contradiction. Everyone in the country knows it is about the biggest...

How did Zimbabwe get here?

In 2013 a resounding electoral victory handed back full control of Zimbabwe’s Government to ZANU- PF, ending an uncomfortable coalition with the opposition. The four-year...
Robert Kagiri

What China’s ‘New Era’ means for Africa

The curtain finally came down on the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) 19th Congress held between October 18-24, 2017 at the Great Hall of...
CGTN Africa
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