Faces of Africa, documentaries on people in Africa, either prominent or ordinary, who have great stories to tell about Africa.

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Faces of Africa – Be My Eyes, Part 2

2 weeks ago
WHO reports that an estimate of 36 million people are blind and 217 million have moderate to severe vision...

Faces of Africa – Be My Eyes, Part 1

3 weeks ago
According to World Health Organization, at least 235 million people live with vision impairment. Also, uncorrected refractive errors and...

Faces of Africa – Horse Racing For Unity, Part Two

4 weeks ago
Riddled with holiday goers all year round, this weekend however, the bustling city of Port Louis, Mauritius is hosting...

Faces of Africa – Horse Racing For Unity, Part One

1 month ago
Tucked on the eastern most tip of the African continent, Mauritius is an Island nation known for its pristine...

Faces of Africa – Ocean Warriors, Part 1

The warm and beautiful Durban beaches in South Africa attract millions of local and international tourists every year. A...

Faces of Africa – The Sahara

The Sahara is one of the largest, hottest and harshest deserts in the world, covering much of North Africa. On...

Faces of Africa – Passing on of a cultural Heritage: My Zanzibar

The tropical island, Zanzibar, around 30kms off the Tanzanian coast, has a rich cultural history. The island has been visited...

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WHO emergency committee to meet on DR Congo’s Ebola outbreak

8 hours ago
The World Health Organization (WHO) will on Wednesday convene an emergency committee to decide whether the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak constitutes a...

Tunisia will not impose new taxes in 2019 – draft budget

10 hours ago
Tunisia will not impose new taxes on its citizens in 2019, and will cut the tax burden for some sectors to boost growth, that’s...

European Commission to give Somalia €100m over next 2.5 years

12 hours ago
The European Commission has pledged a €100M grant to the Somali government over the next two and a half years, to support reforms in...


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There is something about corruption in Nigeria that is, for me, a huge contradiction. Everyone in the country knows it is about the biggest...

How did Zimbabwe get here?

In 2013 a resounding electoral victory handed back full control of Zimbabwe’s Government to ZANU- PF, ending an uncomfortable coalition with the opposition. The four-year...
Robert Kagiri

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