IOM deports 126 illegal immigrants from Libya to Nigeria

1 min ago
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Thursday that it sent 126 illegal Nigerian immigrants voluntarily from Libya to their country. The "126 Nigerian...

Nigeria refunds banks part of $1.4 billion credit penalty

17 mins ago
Nigerian central bank has refunded lenders part of the 500 billion naira ($1.4 billion) taken as additional cash reserves after banks failed to meet...

Algeria sets deadline for presidential candidates’ applications

28 mins ago
Algeria on Friday announced a deadline of Oct. 26 for candidates to submit applications for the upcoming presidential elections. The Algerian National Independent Authority for...

Brexit deal clinched, Johnson needs backing at home

15 hours ago
Britain secured a Brexit deal with the European Union on Thursday more than three years after Britons voted to leave the EU. The deal comes...


Jerry Omondi

China: From underdog to global power in 70 years

2 weeks ago
Editor's Note: Macharia Munene is Professor of History and International Relations at the United States International University (USIU), Nairobi, Kenya. The article reflects the author's...
CGTN Africa

Opinion: Competition, then cooperation may be the best way to build up Africa

A new U.S. strategy for Africa was recently released by Washington, the core of which is to further U.S. priorities in Africa by strengthening...
CGTN Africa

Opinion: Strong, fair trade with China critical to Africa’s development

by Dr. David Monyae The Africa-China relationship can best be described as comprehensive and strategic at this stage. This is primarily due to multiple agreements...
CGTN Africa