LIVE BLOG: South Sudan Clashes

Since the fighting begun in the region, many have died while thousands displaced. Aid agencies including the United Nations are grappling with the huge...


Monkeys ‘stone man to death’ in India

13 hours ago
An elderly man in India has died after a troop of monkeys threw bricks at him from the top of a tree. The monkeys hurled...

Angola says 380,000 illegal migrants have left in weeks

14 hours ago
About 380,000 illegal migrants, mostly from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, have left Angola in less than a month during a massive operation...

One migrant dies after 300 storm Spanish enclave in North Africa

16 hours ago
Around 300 migrants stormed the border fence separating Spanish enclave Melilla from Morocco on Sunday, leading to the death of one and causing injuries...

DR Congo’s voting machines start arriving ahead of December poll

17 hours ago
The Democratic Republic of Congo’s Deputy Prime Minister on Saturday announced that tablet-like voting machines for the country’s December election had begun arriving, and...


Deji Badmus


There is something about corruption in Nigeria that is, for me, a huge contradiction. Everyone in the country knows it is about the biggest...

How did Zimbabwe get here?

In 2013 a resounding electoral victory handed back full control of Zimbabwe’s Government to ZANU- PF, ending an uncomfortable coalition with the opposition. The four-year...
Robert Kagiri

What China’s ‘New Era’ means for Africa

The curtain finally came down on the Communist Party of China’s (CPC) 19th Congress held between October 18-24, 2017 at the Great Hall of...
CGTN Africa