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Human rights abuses widespread in South Sudan – UN report

3 hours ago
Despite a fragile peace agreement signed more than five months ago, a United Nations report concludes many violations, including rape and sexual violence continue...

Egypt executes nine men over killing of public prosecutor

3 hours ago
Egyptian authorities have executed nine men convicted of the 2015 killing of the country’s chief prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, a prison source and a lawyer...

Kenya on a mission to track down student loan defaulters

3 hours ago
The Kenya Ministry of Education has put education loan defaulters on the spot. Through the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), authorities seek to recover...

China supports Tanzania’s trial of ivory smuggler

3 hours ago
China on Wednesday voiced support for Tanzania's sentencing of a Chinese businesswoman to 15 years in prison for smuggling elephant tusks. According to media reports,...


CGTN Africa

Opinion: Competition, then cooperation may be the best way to build up Africa

1 month ago
A new U.S. strategy for Africa was recently released by Washington, the core of which is to further U.S. priorities in Africa by strengthening...
CGTN Africa

Opinion: Strong, fair trade with China critical to Africa’s development

by Dr. David Monyae The Africa-China relationship can best be described as comprehensive and strategic at this stage. This is primarily due to multiple agreements...
CGTN Africa

Opinion: Through CIIE, China projects bold new vision of the future

  by Ken Gichinga A new economic vision for China was unveiled during the launch of the world’s first International Import Expo in Shanghai. In his...
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