Global Business 16th March 2015

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Global Business 13th March 2015

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Global Business 12th march 2015

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Kenyans to access bank loans via mobile phones

  Kenya Commercial Bank Group and East Africa's biggest mobile phone operator, Safaricom have launched a new mobile banking product for Kenyans aimed at easing...

IMF Downgrades Zimbabwe’s Growth Forecast

The IMF forecasts weaker growth this year in part due to weak commodity prices in Zimbabwe.The Bretton Woods institution also cites patchy rainfall and...

Zimbabwe: Dog owners hit by the biting economy

Zimbabwe's small group of dog enthusiasts is keeping an old tradition alive. The German shepherd dog society, one of the few remain dog clubs in...

Apple Unveils 18-Karat Gold and Sapphire Crystal Glass Watch

‎Apple‬ unveiled on Monday the company's first wearable product: the ‪‎Apple Watch‬. This device enables you to communicate from your wrist by sending and...

Safaricom’s M-Pesa targets Tanzania

Bill gates recently released a video talking about mobile banking where he named Kenya and Tanzania as the most advanced in this sector. Praising...

Egypt eyeing $60 billion in foreign direct investment

Egypt's much-talked about investment conference in Sharm el-Sheik is taking place later this week - and the country is targeting $60 billion in foreign...

Global Business 6th March 2015

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