China takes Africa on a movie date-The Bond S3 starts

Starting November 5, African audiences will be able to watch more Chinese movies translated into their native languages thanks to a collaboration project between China Media Group and several Africa-based media houses including the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Burundi National Radio and Television, and Television Malagasy, among others. 17 Chinese films will be showcased. 


Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda chose the Chinese film ‘Hold Your Hands to premiere. The movie chronicles the extraordinary decade that brought great changes to China and also highlights China’s achievements in poverty alleviation.

Winston Agaba, Managing Director of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation

Winston Agaba, Managing Director of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation expressed his gratitude for the cooperation with CMG, saying this is a new opportunity for Ugandan audiences to better understand China’s social development and the Chinese way of life.

Agaba said the spirit of resilience from the villagers in the film ‘Hold Your Hands’ to change their poverty situation will be an inspiration to many in Uganda. 

“I believe Ugandan audiences will resonate with this story,” he said. 

The Kids of Wuzhumuqin Town, American Dreams in China, Goodbye Mr. Loser, My African Bride, Boonie Bears, Mystical Winter are some of the films being shown.