Uganda’s health authorities looking for 300 Ebola contacts

Uganda’s health ministry is looking for about 300 people who are said to have been in contact with the 15 Ebola cases recorded in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The East African country is batting to control further spread of the deadly virus, and has introduced various measures, including imposing curfews in some affected areas.

“We have already about 300 we are following up,” the Daily Monitor news outlet quotes Emmanuel Ainebyona, the health ministry spokesperson.

Since the onset of the Ebola outbreak on September 20, Uganda has recorded a total of 109 confirmed cases, according to the country’s health ministry on Wednesday.

The outbreak started in a rural part of central Uganda before spreading to other areas, including Kampala, a city of more than 1.6 million.

The Director General of Health Services, Dr. Henry Mwebesa, said the ministry had heightened vigilance against the virus and would remain committed to its plan to end its spread. He also urged the public to present themselves to health authorities if they come into contact with infected persons.

“We are trying to identify more quarantine centers in Kampala. Any contact in Kampala will be isolated, we are not allowing any home isolation,” he said.

“We find it a bit of careless when somebody is sick and rushes to hide at home. You are exposing your family to Ebola and you are putting them at a high risk. The first thing you should do is to avoid going home,” he added.