Kenya’s president-elect William Ruto pledges to unite Kenya

Kenyan President-elect William Ruto delivers remarks at a news conference. /CFP
Kenyan President-elect William Ruto delivers remarks at a news conference. /CFP 

Soon after his election win was upheld by the Supreme Court of Kenya, president-elect William Ruto pledged to unite the country and run an administration that cares for all Kenyans regardless of their political affiliations.

Ruto made the remarks at a press briefing in the capital Nairobi, where he hailed the decision of the court.

“My administration shall do justice to all regardless of their social status, religion, ethnicity, gender, whether they voted or who they voted for,” said Ruto.

“I, therefore, extend a hand of brotherhood to my competitors and their supporters, we are not enemies we are Kenyans. Let us unite to make Kenya a nation where everyone shall be proud to call home.”

Ruto further noted that he is ready to work with his political opponents, but affirmed that they should be ready to work from the opposition to keep his administration in check.

During his campaign trail, the incoming Head of State condemned the inclusion of the opposition into President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, often saying it derailed the delivery of services and completion of government projects.

He pledged his administration will work hard to achieve all his campaign promises and to help move the East African nation forward.

“Kenyans are united in the quest for a better society that is kinder to its children, gentler on the vulnerable, respectful of their rights and committed to serving them. Those who voted for me as well as those who voted for my competitors want the same thing for themselves and for their children. I honor this aspiration and I am committed to do and to rise up early, work hard all day, every day so that we can realize it together,” he said.

Ruto is now scheduled to formally take office as the fifth President of Kenya on September 13.