Talk Africa: Energy crisis, Europe turns to Africa

Europe is in the grip of an unprecedented energy crisis. Its oil and gas taps are drying up. At the centre of it all is the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which the EU accuses Moscow of orchestrating.

To punish Russia, the EU quickly imposed a range of crippling economic sanctions on Moscow. A bad idea, as it soon emerged.

Europe is heavily dependent on Russia for its oil and gas supplies. However, Russia has slowly been turning off the taps.

Now, caught between a rock and a hard place, Europe has had to look elsewhere to satisfy its energy needs. Africa, which has some of the world’s biggest suppliers of crude has emerged as one of the top options. But at what cost for Africa, many are already asking?

This week on the programme, we explore the extent of the energy crisis in Europe and interrogate whether indeed Africa can fill Europe’s huge energy deficit. We also expose the hypocrisy and cynicism in the fight against climate change this turn of events has brought to the fore.