DR Congo declares 14th Ebola outbreak over

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo on Monday declared the end of its most recent Ebola outbreak.

The latest outbreak occurred in Mbandaka and was the third Ebola outbreak in the province since 2018, and the country’s 14th overall in the same period.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) attributed the success in the fight against the latest outbreak to DR Congo’s experience in Ebola control, national emergency teams and support from partners.

The outbreak was announced on April 23, and was seen as a setback in the country that had mounted an extensive fight against the killer disease.

“Thanks to the robust response by the national authorities, this outbreak has been brought to an end swiftly with limited transmission of the virus,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO Regional Director for Africa.

“Crucial lessons have been learned from past outbreaks and they have been applied to devise and deploy an ever more effective Ebola response.”

The just ended outbreak saw a total of 2,104 people vaccinated, including 302 contacts and 1,307 frontline workers, according to the WHO.

Dr Moeti called for greater vigilance and response in Africa against emerging diseases to avid loss of lives.

“Africa is seeing an increase in Ebola and other infectious diseases that jump from animals to humans impacting large urban areas,” he said.

“We need to be ever more vigilant to ensure we catch cases quickly. This outbreak response shows that by bolstering preparedness, disease surveillance and swift detection, we can stay a step ahead.”