Libyan artist uses four markers to simultaneously sketch using hands and feet

A Libyan artist is exploring new ways to create art by creating drawings with his hands and feet simultaneously. Ahmed Mahmoud has devoted himself to art and hopes to establish even newer forms that will push the boundaries of what the art world is accustomed to.
The 27-year-old Ahmed Mahmoud’s art is unique because of the way he creates it.
The Libyan artist uses four markers to simultaneously sketch different artwork with his hands and feet.
Sometimes he tapes the markers to all ten fingers. It is a testament to the time he has spent honing his skills. 

“I started drawing when I was a little kid. There were cartoons and animations that I used to watch and I was attracted by their design, so I was trying to copy those drawings so I can play a game called Yogi Yo (animation fiction). This was my start,” Ahmed Mahmoud said.

The artist has had to overcome the lack of interest in art in his country.

“The people who are not accepting the idea… as well as the lack of the drawing materials here in our country where there is no focus on art, were the difficulties that I faced. There are not enough tools or raw materials so it was difficult to improve myself in a faster way. There was no logistic support provided.”

Although he sometimes grapples with a shortage of art materials and tools, Mahmoud also showcases his talent by drawing murals of famous soccer players on the walls of his city’s stadiums. As he puts his native Libya on the wall, the young artist dreams of establishing a new form of art, or a new style of drawing, different from what the public is accustomed to.