Ghana police fire tear gas to disperse protest over living costs

Ghana police fired tear gas and arrested more than two dozen protesters in the capital Accra on Tuesday after a demonstration over soaring living costs turned violent, according to AFP.

Police said in a statement that 12 officers were injured, police vehicles were damaged, and that they had “no option but to use tear gas and water cannons to subdue the rioting and restore order”.

They later confirmed that 29 protesters had been arrested “for their participation in violent attacks on the police”.

The West African nation has seen inflation surge to more than 27 percent this month — the highest level in almost two decades.

Bank of Ghana data indicates the country’s debt to GDP ratio was 80.1 percent at the end of December 2021, up from 76.1 percent of GDP at end-December 2020, and fuel prices have shot up as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.