Talk Africa: Great Lakes tensions rise

Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have had a long history of tensions stemming back to the mid 1990s. After the Rwanda genocide ended in 1994, Rwanda and Uganda armed forces invaded the eastern DR Congo in 1996 in an effort to root out the remaining perpetrators of the genocide.

Over the last few decades, the two countries have gone through further turbulent periods.   In 2008, the DR Congo and Rwanda joined forces to root out the FDLR or Interahamwe rebels in South and North Kivu provinces.

In the last few weeks, tensions have again risen in the Great Lakes region, after DR Congo and Rwanda accused each other of supporting rebels groups hostile to the other.

This week on the program we take a look at the history of tensions in the region and what has caused it to reignite. We also look at some possible long term solutions to the problem.