Talk Africa: Seychelles facing climate change

Located around 1,600 kilometers off the coast of East Africa, the Seychelles is an ecological paradise. But as climate change is affecting every region around the world, small island developing states are among the most vulnerable to the impacts such as increased temperatures and sea level rise. And as a large ocean state, the people of Seychelles depend on a healthy, thriving marine ecosystem.

An aerial view of part of Seychelles’ coastline. /CGTN

In March 2020, the small island of Seychelles took a giant step in ocean conservation. As part of a ground-breaking debt conversion deal co-signed by The Nature Conservancy, Seychelles committed to increase its marine protection from just 0.4 percent of its Exclusive Economic Zone to 30 percent. Now, 410,000 square kilometers – an area larger than Germany is safeguarded to encourage sustainable development and adapt to the effects of climate change.

This week on the program we are in the Seychelles to find out how climate change is affecting the nation, key vulnerabilities, adaptation measures being taken and the Seychelles effort to defend its greatest resource – the ocean.