Ghana’s national ID receives e-passport status in 44,000 airports

Ghana Card is now e-passport - ICAO declares.PHOTO/TWITTER

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has given its approval for the Ghanaian national identity card to be used as official documentation at all 197 ICAO-compliant countries and 44,000 airports worldwide.

This was announced during a ceremony organized by ICAO at its headquarters in Montreal, Canada during which Ghana received the ‘key’ to symbolically indicate its entry into the ICAO family.

Although the card has been okayed, its actual usage will become possible by the end of the second quarter of this year, after the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) links its systems to the National Identification Authority (NIA) architecture for data integration.

Following this approval, Ghanaians living in the Diaspora who hold the Ghana Card can board any flight to Ghana without the requirement of a visa or any other travel document, as the process covers all children and people of Ghanaian descent.

According to the NIA, the card can be verified internationally and border control authorities would be able to confirm in less than 10 seconds that a Ghanaian biometric e-passport (booklet), as well as the Ghana Card/e-passport, was issued by the right authority, had not been altered and was not a copied or cloned document.