Rescuers in Morocco reach boy trapped in well for five days

Moroccan emergency teams on Saturday reached a young boy trapped down a deep well for over four days, ending in a nerve-racking operation hampered by concerns about ground stability,  The National reported.

According to a statement read out by an official on the site in the morning, the five-year old Rayan was showing signs of life.

An ambulance with a resuscitation and medical team and a helicopter were kept on standby to treat and take him to hospital.

Rayan fell down a 32-metre well in the town of Bab Berred on Tuesday, sparking a round-the-clock rescue involving digging a hole alongside the narrow shaft and tunnelling across through several metres of earth to reach the boy.

Hundreds of technical experts, workers, journalists, volunteers and well-wishers watched the rescue mission at the site and on live streams.

Members of Morocco’s Auxiliary Forces cordoned off the area to keep crowds and reporters away.

The hashtag #SaveRayan in Arabic and English trended across North Africa throughout the operation.

Mosques holding Friday prayers in the country resonated with prayers for Rayan’s rescue and well-being.