Former Brukina Faso PM says he is wiling to support MSRP in leading the transition

Luc-Adolphe Tiao./AFP Photo

Former Prime Minister of Blaise Compaoré, Luc Adolph Tiao on Wednesday said that he is willing to support the MSRP in leading the transition.

He made the announcement through his party, Rassemblement Patriotique Pour Le Development (RPD), in a statement posted on January 26, 2022 where he suggested the outline of the crisis resolution plan.
According to the statement the execution of the plan should not exceed 24 months.
The crisis resolution plan stated that the convening of national meetings to adopt a charter for the transition period where the roles of each of the major players will be defined and which consultations should take place as soon as possible.
The plan also stated that MPSR will be the the governing, controlling and monitoring body of the transition.
Other plans also stated in the statement is the establishment of a small but open executive composed of honest and competent men and women who will not be eligible for future elections.
“The government should be headed by a civilian Prime Minister with reinforced powers subject to the authority of the President of the MPSR.  The government legislated by ordinance,”
Other plans stipulated in the statement include:
  • An innovative, inventive, adapted and popular defense policy for the total liberation of derisory as soon as possible
  • A clearly defined humanitarian emergency policy and adequate resources to be deployed for displaced persons before the onset of the rainy season
  • The implementation of anti-corruption and anti-fraud policies by strengthening
    intervention mechanisms and the means of action of the ASCE/LC in order to quickly establish a virtuous and honest governance from the top to the base.
  • The guarantee of public freedoms and in particular electronic freedoms
  • The return of all exiled persons
  •  The completion of the National Reconciliation process
  •  An amnesty for MPSR members.

Luc-Adolphe Tiao was Prime Minister of Burkina Faso from 2011 to 2014.