UN peacekeeping mission in Mali suspend flights amid sanction restrictions


The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA) has temporarily suspended its flights, a spokesperson said.

“MINUSMA has to temporarily suspend all flights. We are in discussion with our Malian partners on the new mechanism for approving MINUSMA flights,” a spokesperson said, adding that he expected a resolution “very quickly”.

The spokesperson also added that delivery aid will be affected.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the regional monetary union placed sanctions on Mali last week which have had air and land borders shut to the country.

Mali’s sanctions come after its interim government proposed to delay planned elections by up to four years.

Over 13,000 MINUSMA troops are in the north and center of the West African country trying to contain violence by Islamist groups linked to al-Qaeda and Islamic State who carry out regular attacks on civilians, soldiers and the UN bases.