Uganda to destroy over 400,000 doses of COVDI-19 vaccines amid low intake

of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines against the Covid-19 being from a plane after their delivery as a part of the UN-led Covax initiative, which assists poorer countries to receive the medicine, at Entebbe international airport on March 5, 2021. Uganda received a first batch of doses of the AstraZeneca drug and will start giving out the vaccine on March 10. Tina SMOLE
Boxes containing Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines are unloaded from a plane at Entebbe international airport on March 5, 2021 after their delivery to Uganda as a part of the UN-led COVAX initiative. (Photo by Tina SMOLE via CFP)

Uganda is set to destroy over 400,000 doses of expired COVID-19 vaccines amid low intake in some parts of the country.

According to The East African newspaper, the country’s Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng said the vaccines had been supplied to the northern regions but were not used.

The expired doses are mainly Moderna with some AstraZeneca doses also set to be destroyed.

Aceng has been at the forefront in urging Ugandans to take the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Ugandan government mandated vaccinations among essential workers, including teachers.

This was aimed at boosting the public’s protection against adverse effects of the disease.

So far, Uganda has reported 156,637 cases of COVID-19 with 3,378 fatalities.

Its vaccination drive has already seen some 12,220,106 doses administered across the country.