UNICEF provides water supply equipment to Libyan city

Map of Libya. CGTN

UNICEF said Thursday that it has started providing water supply equipment to the Libyan city Surman, some 60 kilometers west of the capital Tripoli.

“UNICEF has provided water pumps to Surman to support the municipality and General Company of Water and Wastewater to provide safer water services to the community,” the UN agency said in a statement.

About 30,000 people will benefit from this assistance, which includes water pumps, PVC pipes and steel adaptors to maintain water supplies, it said.

UNICEF explained that this project will improve access to safer water and public health.

Due to years of armed conflict and instability, Libyan authorities have been struggling to provide proper services for the people.

The Great Man-Made River, a network of pipes supplying 60 percent of all fresh water in Libya, has repeatedly been subject to vandalism and closure over the past years.