Somali forces kill six Al-Shabab militants in southern region

Somali Army soldiers AFP PHOTO
Somali Army soldiers (PHOTO/AFP)

Somali National Army (SNA)’s special forces (Danab) on Sunday killed six fighters of the al-Shabab militant group during the operation in the southern region, military officials confirmed on Monday.

SNA commanders who led the operation told the State-owned Radio Mogadishu that the security forces which have intensified onslaught agonist the terrorists also destroyed al-Shabab’s hideouts Mayondo, Dhay, Abdi-Marodi and Kubow in the Lower Jubba region.

“The SNA’s commandos killed six al-Shabab terrorists and destroyed their hideouts in planned security operations in Mayondo, Dhay, Abdi-Marodi and Kubow in Lower Jubba on Sunday,” they said on radio.

The latest security operation comes as government forces have stepped up security operations against the terrorist group in the central and southern regions, but the militants are still in control of the rural areas of those regions, conducting ambushes and planting landmines.

The SNA has vowed to sustain the onslaught against the militant group until their fighters are subdued.