Death toll from boat accident in northern Nigeria rises to 42

Map of Nigeria

The death toll from a boat accident in Nigeria’s Kano state climbed to 42 on Monday, according to a local security authority.

In a statement, Kano State Police spokesman Abdullahi Kiyawa said that the bodies of 13 more people were found during search and rescue efforts that have been ongoing since the boat capsized in the Badau River on November 30.

He noted that nine people have been rescued.

The boat was carrying mainly Islamic school students from Badau village to a religious event in the town of Bagwai, which is located on the other side of the river.

The state has since banned the use of commercial boats to carry passengers on the Bagwai-Badau River following the accident to prevent further tragedies.

It is now providing buses to shuttle passengers between Badau and Bagwai, while three new boats are being procured for water transportation in the area.

More preventive measures are expected to be instituted after an investigation committee submits its report.

Boat accidents occur from time to time in rivers during the rainy season in Nigeria.