Burkina Faso defends move to shut internet after French army attack

An internet and mobile phone disruption that began in Burkina Faso on Saturday continued into Monday, causing a widespread communication blackout, confusion, and frustration.

People in the country report the 3G mobile network, which much of the West African country relies on, is not working. However, fixed-line and wireless services, or WiFi, have not been disrupted.

Burkina Faso’s government issued a statement saying that the mobile internet shutdown was issued due to national defense and public security reasons and that the disruption was to last for about 96 hours from its start on Saturday night.

NetBlocks, an organization tracking global connectivity, confirmed the continued internet outage Monday and said the type of disruption “cannot be worked around with the use of circumvention software or VPNs.”

It added that the disruption stifles the flow of information and prevents news coverage of critical events in the country.