U.S. urges citizens to leave Ethiopia immediately

A view shows a street in Mekelle, Tigray region of northern Ethiopia December 10, 2018. (/Maggie Fick)

The U.S. State Department on Tuesday again urged U.S. citizens in Ethiopia to leave the country immediately, adding that the United States has no plans to facilitate an evacuation via military or commercial aircraft as Washington steps up pressure to bring an end to the conflict in Ethiopia, Reuters reported.

This month, the United States advised U.S. citizens in Ethiopia to leave the country as soon as possible and said it will offer repatriation loans for those who do not have funds to leave.

“There are no plans to fly the U.S. military into Ethiopia to facilitate evacuations or replicate the contingency effort we recently undertook in Afghanistan, which was a unique situation for many reasons,” a senior U.S. State Department official told reporters.