Police say three suicide bombers carried out explosions in Kampala

Workers at a nearby building look on in shock.PHOTO/CGTN Correspondent
Workers at a nearby building look on in shock following twin explosions in Kampala, Uganda. /CGTN Correspondent

Police say three suicide bombers carried out Tuesday’s deadly attack on a checkpoint in Kampala, Uganda.

While addressing the press, the police also said the twin bombings killed three Ugandans and wounded three others, although the number of fatalities could be higher than reported so far.

Five of the injured are in critical condition, according to police spokesperson, Commissioner of Police Fred Enanga.

The explosions occurred within three minutes of each other. Both were carried out by attackers carrying explosives.

A possible attack at a third scene was foiled by police who pursued and disarmed a suspected suicide bomber, Mr. Enanga said.

One explosion was near a police station and the other on a street near the parliamentary building, according to police and witnesses.

The explosion near parliament appeared to hit closer to a building housing an insurance company and the subsequent fire engulfed cars parked outside. Some legislators were seen evacuating the parliamentary building nearby.


Story compiled with assistance from wire reports