Social gatherings fuel rise in COVID-19 cases in Tanzania’s Zanzibar

PHOTO Image of Zanzibar Islands/CFPImage

Tanzania’s Zanzibar authorities said on Friday social gatherings have fueled a rise in COVID-19 cases on the islands.

Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, Zanzibar’s Minister for Health, Social Welfare, Gender, Elderly, and Children, said since the beginning of October, hospitals have been receiving between two and three cases of COVID-19 daily.

“The surge in the number of COVID-19 cases have been linked to social gatherings without observing health precautions,” Mazrui told a one-day training for journalists aimed at raising awareness in COVID-19 vaccinations.

He said social gatherings, including funerals, religious celebrations, street and house parties, and other outdoor gatherings were fueling cases of the virus.

He urged journalists to help in mobilizing people to be vaccinated against the virus, saying the pandemic is still a threat to mankind.

Mazrui also urged people to continue observing precautions issued by health authorities aimed at controlling the further spread of the virus